What is the Best Way to Pass Oracle 1Z0-956 Exam?

February 22,2019 04:30 AM

Oracle 1Z0-956 exam is a related one for Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials. People who want to be Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2018 Certified Implementation Essentials Specialist need to pass Oracle 1Z0-956 exam successfully. So, what is the best way to pass Oracle 1Z0-956 exam? In this article, I will recommend some steps for you to pass the test. 

What is the best way to pass Oracle 1Z0-956 Exam


Learn Oracle 1Z0-956 Exam Information

In real Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-956 exam, there are 71 questions, and you have 120 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of Oracle 1Z0-956 exam is 66%. The exam format is Multiple choice. You need to spend $245 to register Oracle certification 1Z0-956 exam. 


Master Oracle 1Z0-956 Exam Topics

Oracle certification 1Z0-956 exam topics cover the following 5 sections. 

Setup and System Overview

Outbound Orders

Web Reports

Setting up Inbound Processes

Inventory Management

Practice Oracle 1Z0-956 Exam Questions

Our new cracked Oracle 1Z0-956 exam dumps also cover 71 Q&As, which can help you prepare the test. Share some Oracle 1Z0-956 exam questions and answers below. 


1.Your customer wants to allocate Default Putaway Type and Drop location for the Blind IB LPNs after Putaway. Select the three configurations required to complete Putaway Process.

A. Use Putaway Type defined in Putaway Type UI screen to set putaway_type Parame-ter in Facility Parameter UI Screen.

B. Putaway Type should be defined In Putaway Type UI screen at Facility level.

C. Set default_drop_locn Parameter in Company Paramater UI screen.

D. Use Putaway Type defined in Putaway Type UI screen to set putawayjtype Parame-ter in Company Parameter UI Screen.

E. Set Putaway Priority and Rules in UI Screen at Facility level.

F. Set default_drop_locn Parameter in Facility Parameter UI screen.

Answer: E


2.The customer wants to change the items and quantities on an existing order in the WMS Cloud. Identify the method they can use to achieve this.

A. The customer may send a "Cancel Order" transaction via integration Just before the order is shipped.

B. The customer may send a replacement order by sending a new order and referenc-ing the original order in the "Order Number to Replace" field prior to shipping of the original order.

C. Once the order is Shipped Confirmed, the customer may adjust the items and quan-tities via their maps.

D. The customer may change the items on the Order in the UI at <my order status

E. The order cannot be changed and must be processed as is.

Answer: D


3.A client can integrate with WMS cloud by using the input interface. Which three op-tions can be integrated?

A. Appointments

B. Loads

C. Orders

D. Item

Answer: B


4.Identify the type of functions you need to use to handle conditional information in a report.

A. Arithmetic and Geometric Functions

B. WMS BI Cloud does not support that type of functionality.

C. String Functions

D. Dynamic Functions

E. Logical Functions

Answer: B


5.What is true about emailing a scheduled report?

A. You cannot customize the subject of the email.

B. You can email reports in HTML format.

C. The person receiving the email must have an email registered with a username in the system.

D. You can add an additional filter for a specific scheduled report.

Answer: A


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Follow the above points, you can prepare Oracle certification 1Z0-956 exam well and pass it successfully. 


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