Best Way to Prepare ACSCE-5X Exam

March 26,2019 03:33 AM

Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer ACSCE-5X exam is one for ACSCE certification. To earn this certification, you need to pass ACSCE-5X exam successfully. If you want to pass ACSCE-5X exam in a short time and do not want to waste your money, you can follow the steps which I suggest below. 


Best way to prepare ACSCE-5X exam


Learn ACSCE-5X Exam Introductions


In real ACSCE-5X exam, there are 60 questions. You have 75 minutes to provide and answer all the questions. The required passing score of Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer ACSCE-5X exam is 70%. After you submit all the questions, you will get the result immediately. If you pass ACSCE-5X exam successfully, the result, certificate and logo will be sent to your registration email. If you fail the test, the exam result will be also sent to your email, including the topics result. With it, you can know which section you fails.


Know ACSCE-5X Questions formats


ACSCE-5X exam questions formats which you meet in the exam may be one or more of the following:


Single choice - Select one option to answer the questions

Multiple Response - Select multiple options to answer the questions

Scenario - read the statement or question and then select the option(s) that answer the question or statement given the information that has been provided.


Master ACSCE-5X Exam Topics Areas


The following 5 sections of topics areas will be tested in Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer ACSCE-5X exam. 


Architectural Core (5 questions)

Repository Customization (20 questions)

User Interface Customization (10 questions)

Alfresco API Interface (20 questions)

Web Scripts (5 questions)


From the above topics content, you can know how many questions will be tested in each section. 


Practice ACSCE-5X Exam Dumps Questions


Latest Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer ACSCE-5X exam dumps questions have been cracked, which cover 59 Q&As. Share some ACSCE-5X exam dumps questions below for you to check and practice. 


1.What are the mandatory components of a non-Java-backed data web script?

A. An XML descriptor only.

B. An XML descriptor, JavaScript controller, and an output template.

C. A JavaScript controller and an output template.

D. An XML descriptor and an output template.

Answer: A


2.You have created a Dashlet for Alfresco Share and deployed your files to the correct directory. You have then refreshed the Share web scripts, but the number of web scripts stays the same. Which of the following options could be causing this?

A. You are using Internet Explorer; you should be using Firefox.

B. Share needs to be restarted, refreshing web scripts is not enough.

C. Your files do not adhere to the standard naming convention.

D. The cache on the browser needs to be cleared.

E. You did not register the dashlet with the data dictionary.

Answer: D


3.Which of the following HTTP methods is NOT supported by the web scripts framework by default?





Answer: C


4.What does the JavaScript ScriptNode API expression “node.assocs” do?

A. Returns a complete read only list of all associations.

B. Returns the list of all associations which can be changes and modified.

C. Returns the list of child associations which are read only.

D. Returns the list of child associations which can be changes and modified.

Answer: A


5.Which web script object can be used to retrieve the values of web script parameters specified in-line within the URL path, within FreeMarker templates and JavaScript code?

A. url.templateArgs

B. url.args

C. arguments

D. args

Answer: D


If you do all the above steps and master all the ACSCE-5X contents, you can go to test center to take the test. When you take ACSCE-5X exam, you can know ACSCE-5X exam dumps questions are very helpful. 


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