How Many Questions in Real CBAF-001 Exam?

July 31,2019 03:04 AM

Certified Business Analyst-Foundation CBAF-001 exam is one for Business & Process Management certification. To prepare CBAF-001 exam, you will want to know the answer of the following question first, how many questions in real CBAF-001 exam? 

How Many Questions in Real CBAF-001 Exam?

There are 40 Multiple Choice Questions in real CBAF-001 exam. 

If you want to pass Certified Business Analyst-Foundation CBAF-001 exam successfully, you also need to learn other related CBAF-001 exam information and study CBAF-001 exam dumps questions online. 

CBAF-001 Exam Information

You have 1 hour to complete all the 40 questions in CBAF-001 exam. The required passing score of CBAF-001 exam is 70% ( 28 out of 40 correct). CBAF-001 exam is online and protored based, using webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime. 

CBAF-001 Exam Dumps Questions

Latest Certified Business Analyst-Foundation CBAF-001 exam dumps questions have been cracked, which contain 160 questions and answers. Share 5 of them below for you to study. 

1.What is the business analyst doing when he or she compares the BAM with the current business situation?
A. Conceptual modelling.
B. Analysing perspective.
C. Gap analysis.
D. Defining CATVVOE.
Answer: C

2.Which of the following would be an appropriate name for a use case that allows a project manager to allocate resources to a project?
A. Assign resources.
B. Resource.
C. Project Manager.
D. Project.
Answer: A

3.Which of the following lists includes only activities that are defined as support activities in the value chain?
A. Firm infrastructure, service, marketing and sales.
B. Inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations.
C. Procurement, technology development, human resource management.
D. Service, procurement, firm infrastructure.
Answer: C

4.An IT department needs to upgrade its hardware to run the new version of an established operating system. The cost of this required upgrade is $2 million. As an alternative, the IT director has suggested that the company should change to a completely different operating system. Although this will cost $6 million, the change will bring many other benefits, including cheaper maintenance costs and increased security.What is the avoided cost in his proposal?
A. $2 million.
B. $4 million.
C. $6 million.
D. $8 million.
Answer: A

5.Which of the following actions could sustain business change?
A. Develop the coaching skills of selected staff members.
B. Establish clear benefits for selected, powerful stakeholders.
C. Retain the previous system and its associated processes.
D. Ensure that improved staff performance is not rewarded.
Answer: A

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Retaking of CBAF-001 Exam

1. If you do not pass CBAF-001 exam at the second time, you need to wait 14 days from the date of your attempt to retake the test. 
2. Certified Business Analyst-Foundation CBAF-001 exam can be taken any number of times. 

Note: There is no pre-requisites for this Certified Business Analyst (CBA)–Foundation certification. 
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