IBM C2090-620 and C2090-622 Exams will be Retired on Nov.30, 2018

November 24,2018 02:12 AM

IBM Cognos 10 BI Author C2090-620 and IBM Cognos 10 BI Administrator C2090-622 exams will be retired on Nov.30, 2018. The new replacement tests of C2090-620 and C2090-622 exams are IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11 C2090-621 and IBM Cognos Analytics Administrator V1 C2090-623. 

IBM C2090-620 and C2090-622 exams will be retired on Nov.30, 2018

Let me show the differences between the exam topics of them below. 

C2090-620 Exam Topics VS C2090-621 Exam Topics

 C2090-620 Exam Topics  C2090-621 Exam Topics

 Create reports 14%  

 Focus reports 12%  

 Enhance reports 44% 

 Create reports using the query model 18% 

 Setup reports for bursting 6% 

 Manage events using agents 6%

 Active Reports 16%  

 Dashboards 15%  

 Data 20%  

 Distributing Reports 4%  

 Reports 45%

C2090-622 Exam Topics VS C2090-623 Exam Topics

 C2090-622 Exam Topics  C2090-623 Exam Topics

 Manage Administrative Content 11%  

 Manage Report Content 21%  

 Manage the Server Environment 51%   

 Manage the Security Environment 17%

 Administrative Tasks 25%  

 Monitoring 20%  

 Report Execution 15%  

 Security Tasks 20%  

 Server Environment 20%

From the above two tables, you can know that the new exams topics have been changed greatly. We have the latest exam dumps for IBM C2090-620, C2090-621, C2090-622, C2090-623 tests, which can help you save time and energy on preparing these exams. Besides, our IBM Certification C2090-620, C2090-621, C2090-622 and C2090-623 exam dumps can guarantee you success in the first attempt. We promise, if you fail with our exam dumps, you can get full payment fee refund. 

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