[Retire on Nov.30, 2018] IBM C9020-662 Exam Will be replaced by C1000-021 Test

November 13,2018 06:42 AM
News from IBM official website, IBM Virtualized Storage V1 C9020-662 exam will be retired on Nov.30, 2018. The new replacement test is C1000-021 IBM Virtualized Storage V2. Before you decide to take IBM C1000-021 exam, you will want to know the differences between IBM C9020-662 and C1000-021 exams. Well, I will show you the differences between them in the following table. 

C9020-662 Retire | Replacement test is C1000-021

   IBM C9020-662 Exam  IBM C1000-021 Exam
 Exam Basic Information

 Number of questions: 60  

 Time allowed: 90 mins   

 Number of questions to pass: 36  

 Available Languages: English

 Number of questions: 60  

 Time allowed: 90.0 mins  

 Number of questions to pass: 37  

 Available Language: English

 Real Exam Topics

 General Overview 25%  

 System and Advanced Functions Knowledge 27%    

 Solution Design 28%   

 Basic Implementation 20%

 General Overview 27% 

 System and Advanced Functions Knowledge 28%  

 Solution Design 25%  

 Basic Implementation 20%

From the above table, you can know the differences between C9020-662 and C1000-021 exams. In exam basic information part, only the number of questions required to pass is different. In real exam topics part, the percentage of the three sections are different. Therefore, most of C9020-662 and C1000-021 exams content are the same. If you want to know more information about IBM C1000-021 exam, you can pay more attention to the news on our website, or send email to us via support@certqueen.com