2018 Cracked Huawei HCNA H31-521 Exam Dumps

October 09,2018 08:19 AM

Huawei HCNA H31-521-ENU exam dumps have been cracked, which cover 272 questions and answers. We all know that H31-521-ENU exam is a required test for HCNA-Cloud DataCentre operation certification. Our new cracked H31-521-ENU exam dumps are an important part for you to prepare the test well.

Cracked H31-521 exam dumps

To pass Huawei Certified Network Associate-Cloud DataCentre Operations H31-521 exam easily and successfully, apart from our new cracked H31-521 exam dumps, the following Huawei HCNA H31-521 exam information and key points are also helpful in your preparation. I collected Huawei HCNA H31-521 related information from Huawei official website. 

Huawei HCNA-Cloud H31-521 exam information

Check H31-521 exam basic information in the following table. 

 Exam Code  Exam Name  Exam Duration  Item Number Pass Score   Total Score
 H31-521  HCNA–Cloud DataCentre Operations Exam  90 minutes  60 multiple-choice questions (single-answer and multiple-answer), true-false questions  600  1000

Huawei H31-521 Exam Key Points

There are 5 sections covered in Huawei HCNA certification H31-521 exam key points. Check the details here: Cloud platform, Host storage DR, Network security, O&M monitoring, Rules and specifications.

Well, the above Huawei Certified Network Associate-Cloud DataCentre Operations H31-521 exam information and exam key points, you ca have a good knowledge point of H31-521 exam. Using our 272 Q&As of H31-521 exam dumps to prepare the test well.
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