How to Earn HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design Certification?

July 10,2024 02:41 AM

The HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design certification is a prestigious credential for professionals engaged in the presales of Huawei's enterprise Data Center Network products and solutions. Earning this certification showcases your ability to create Data Center Network (DCN) solutions, manage projects independently, conduct technical communications, identify customer pain points, develop appropriate solutions, and excel in competitive analysis and quotations.

HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design

Understanding HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design Certification

The HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design certification is specifically designed for presales professionals who are eager to enhance and deepen their comprehensive understanding of Huawei's extensive range of enterprise Data Center Network products and solutions. This prestigious certification serves as a testament to your advanced expertise and proficiency in numerous critical aspects of DCN architecture, including its various elements and integral key technologies. Additionally, it signifies your adeptness with Huawei’s innovative CloudFabric solution, as well as your capability in executing intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tasks, ensuring the optimal performance and efficiency of data center networks.

Required Exam - H19-402_V1.0 Overview

The H19-402_V1.0 exam is a written test that evaluates your knowledge across a range of topics related to Data Center Networks. Here are the key details about the exam:

Exam Format: Single-answer questions, multiple-answer questions, true or false questions

Exam Duration: 90 minutes

Passing Score: 600 out of 1000

Exam Cost: 100 USD

Languages Available: Chinese, English

Knowledge Content Covered in H19-402_V1.0 Exam

The H19-402_V1.0 exam covers various topics, each with a specific weightage. Understanding these topics and their importance will help you focus your preparation effectively:

Data Center Network Overview (16%)

Provides a general understanding of Data Center Networks, including their architecture and fundamental components.

Technical Fundamentals of Data Communications Networks (9%)

Covers the basic principles of data communication networks necessary for understanding more complex concepts.

VXLAN and BGP EVPN (10%)

Focuses on Virtual Extensible LAN and Border Gateway Protocol Ethernet VPN, essential technologies for modern DCNs.

M-LAG (9%)

Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group, a technology that enhances network redundancy and performance.

Intelligent Lossless Data Center Network (8%)

Discusses technologies and strategies to ensure lossless data transmission in data center networks.

Huawei CloudFabric Solution (17%)

Covers the comprehensive Huawei CloudFabric solution, including its components and applications.

Four CloudFabric Service Automation Scenarios and Related Solutions (4%)

Addresses automation scenarios such as network virtualization, computing, OpenStack cloud-network integration, and Kubernetes container network.

iMaster NCE-Fabric (6%)

Examines Huawei's Network Cloud Engine-Fabric, a critical component for managing and operating the CloudFabric solution.

CloudFabric Underlay and Overlay Network Design (7%)

Details the design principles for underlay and overlay networks within the CloudFabric solution.

Typical DCN Design Guide (11%)

Provides guidelines for designing typical data center networks, ensuring efficient and effective network architecture.

Intelligent O&M of the CloudFabric Solution (3%)

Focuses on the intelligent operations and maintenance aspects of Huawei's CloudFabric solution.

Preparation Tips for Huawei H19-402_V1.0 Exam

Study the Official Documentation

Huawei provides extensive documentation and resources for their products and solutions. Thoroughly review these materials to build a strong foundation.

Understand Key Technologies

Focus on key technologies such as VXLAN, BGP EVPN, and M-LAG. Understanding these will be crucial for both the exam and practical applications.

Hands-on Practice

Gain practical experience with Huawei CloudFabric solutions and related technologies. Hands-on practice will reinforce your theoretical knowledge and improve your problem-solving skills.

Join Study Groups and Forums

Engage with other professionals preparing for the same certification. Study groups and online forums can provide valuable insights, resources, and support.

Use Exam Dumps

The latest H19-402_V1.0 exam online dumps from CertQueen can familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types. This will help you manage your time effectively during the actual exam.

Earning the HCSP-Presales-Data Center Network Planning and Design certification is a significant achievement that validates your expertise in Huawei's Data Center Network solutions. This certification is recognized globally and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of advanced data center network technologies and methodologies. By thoroughly understanding the exam content, focusing on key technologies, and engaging in hands-on practical experience, you can successfully pass the H19-402_V1.0 exam. This certification not only enhances your technical skills but also boosts your career prospects by making you a more competitive candidate in the field of data center network planning and design. Additionally, it opens up opportunities for career advancement and recognition within the industry, allowing you to contribute effectively to complex network projects and solutions.

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