How to Get GPYC Certified?

March 06,2019 02:45 AM

GPYC is Security certification of GIAC. GPYC certification has a special focus on skills and techniques that will assist an information security professional in penetration tests, daily work, and special projects. If you get GPYC certified, you will demonstrate an understanding of core programming concepts, and the ability to write and analyze working code using the Python programming language. Well, if you are interested in creating and modifying custom tools, you will want to know, how to get GPYC certified?

How to Get GPYC Certified


Review GPYC Exam Information

In real GIAC Python Coder (GPYC) exam, there are 75 questions. You have 2 hours to complete the test. The required passing score of GPYC exam is 67%. GPYC certification is valid in 4 years, so you need to renew the certification every 4 years.


Review GPYC Exam Topics

GIAC certification GPYC exam topics cover the following sections: Control Structures and Iteration, Creation of Executables, Data Analysis with Python, Data Structures, Database Interaction, Exception Handling, Functions, Classes and Objects, Network Interfaces, Packet Analysis with Python, Python Basics, Regular Expressions and Website Interaction.


Take GPYC Practice Exam Dumps

GPYC exam dumps questions can help you test all the above exam topics. With all of 75 Q&As of our GPYC exam dumps, you can prepare and pass the test easily. Show you some GPYC exam sample questions below. 


1.What does the following line of code do?

A. Sends the data stored in the variable "socket" to the IP address stored in AF_INET

B. Gets data from all network sockets on the system

C. Creates an instance of a UDP socket for transmitting or receiving data

D. Transfers data from the local system to a remote system across the network

Answer: C


2.During a password guessing attack, which HTTP request method would a Python program most commonly call to submit a usemame and password to a target website?




Answer: B


3.What does the attacker do in a SQL Injection attack?

A. Obtains an administrative login for a SQL database server

B. Finds and exploits CVSS-SIG vulnerabilities in a particular version of SQL database

C. Inject information into an SQL server via an undocumented administrative interface

D. Submits a string that is interpreted as a SQL database command

Answer: C


Test more GPYC exam dumps questions here:


Schedule GPYC Exam and Get Certified

Schedule GPYC proctored exam at Pearson VUE test center. After you read and study all of our GPYC exam dumps questions, you can pass the test and get certified in the first attempt. 


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