New Release: HCNA Storage H13-612-ENU BSSN V3.0 Exam Paper| H13-612 Dumps

December 20,2017 02:30 AM

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CertQueen finally release latest and new HCNA Storage H13-612 exam questions today. There should be 4 sets real exams. And you will get one of them at random when you take the exam. But no worries, we have all sets exams to ensure you pass H13-612-ENU Huawei Certified Network Associate - Building the Structure of Storage Network exam.

In the past, if you want to get HCNA Storage, then you have to pass H13-611 exam. However, H13-611 English exam has been retired. There is only Chinese exam for this H13-611 exam. 

Now if you want to get HCNA Storage certification then you have to pass H13-612-ENU English exam. 

 Certification  Exam Code  Exam Title  Duration  Pass Score  Real Exam
 HCNA Storage  H13-612-ENU  HCNA-Storage-BSSN 3.0
(Huawei Certified Network Associate - Building the Structure of Storage Network)
 90 min  600/1000  H13-612-ENU exam dumps
HCNA Storage H13-612-ENU new knowledge points:

1).Storage system components, storage media type and features, HDD and SSD basic knowledge, backup and disaster tolerance concept.

2).RAID principle and different RAID levels (0, 1, 2,0+, 5, 6, 10) features and typical application scenario.

3).DAS, SAN, NAS concepts, features and architectures. SCSI, FC, iSCSI, CIFS, NFS technology.

4).Technologies of backup and disaster recovery.

5).Background and application scenarios of big data.

6).Status quo and key technologies of cloud computing.

7).SAN storage: OceanStor V3 products function, hardware, interface and typical network.

8).Installation and SAN storage configuration (Storage pool, LUN, hosts, mapping etc.). Using DeviceManager.

9).SAN storage connection with Windows, Linux OS platform, Ultrapath installation and configuration

10).Huawei storage products introduction and typical application.

11).Introduction to some Huawei Licensed Features.

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